“Just Press Play”

Andrea Rogers is founder of XTEND, a workout that combines Pilates and dance methods along with ballet basics that sculpt your body into a lean, strong physique. Andrea’s philosophy of “Don’t think about It, Just do It” is a mantra she even instills in her children.

Her story of XTEND began when she was a young dancer and a huge dreamer. 

Understanding what makes XTEND unique begins with understanding the origins of the brand. She developed her lifelong love of movement with a career as a professional dancer and choreographer, traveling the world with celebrity performers, dance companies, and most notably, principal dancer for Walt Disney World Co.

The ever changing evolving program of moving, creating, dancing and dreaming is what’s behind the scenes. The XTEND brand grew organically. The movement was born and spread contagiously across the globe. XTEND programming is available in franchised and licensed live studio classes in 12 countries and is lead by over 1,000 certified instructors.

On this weeks episode of Ritch in Life, Ritch talks to Andrea about how she launched her own personal brand ALR, which is all about empowering women, building community and creating movement in all areas of life.

How have YOU “filled someone’s bucket today?”

Find out what Andrea means as you listen to this motivational conversation. 

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