Daniel M. Rosenberg a husband of one, father of three & master of none. Professionally he’s worn many hats; in the worlds of accounting & finance, sustainable manufacturing, and product development; but most of his time is spent meeting & speaking to interesting people from all over the world.

Daniel’s life has been a success story of failing upwards; call it luck, or call it determination, it’s how you pick yourself up from being knocked down that makes you succeed in life.

Daniel is the host of The Sod’s Law, a podcast about ordinary people and their extraordinary stories - everyone has their own to tell & Sod’s Law is about giving people a new platform to tell them.

Tune in to this episode of Ritch in Life and listen to Ritch and Daniel share their experiences on raising kids in today's political polarized world, discuss Brexit, and dive deep into the current conflict in Israel touching on subjects like anti-semitism and the power of misinformation. 

Follow Daniel him on @daniel_m_rosenbergand @sodspod 









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