Negative self-talk about ageing can be invasive but cosmetic rejuvenation medical procedures don’t have to be.  Meet world renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, MD. He is the celebrity skin guru known for mastering the art of minimally invasive face and body sculpting procedures.

Dr. Frank believes beauty comes from how we treat ourselves from within and the importance of being surrounded by good people. Join Ritch Erani in his conversation with Dr. Frank as they cover fat removal, jowls, eye brows, cellulite, and so much more.

Dr. Frank is the author of theThe Pro-Aging Playbook: Embracing a Lifestyle of Beauty and Wellness Inside and Out, released in 2020.  He is also the host ofThe Pro-Aging Podcast featuring distinguished guests from the health, wellness, and beauty industry. 

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