Ellen Ades has accumulated broad experience coaching young professionals, executives and business leaders.  She has broadened her skill set further working in the non-profit arena helping women earn more while remaining true to what they value. 

She collaborates with clients to enhance  emotional intelligence and improve communication skills. Her coaching style provokes emotional awareness that positively impacts performance in both personal and professional areas of life. 

When asked to describe her life up until now she says:

“I’ve loved and I’ve been loved. I have had the privilege of raising wonderful children and now take joy in their children. I cherish the inspiration that comes from being a lifelong learner. I am fortunate to be able to test my skills each day, doing work I love for people that matter to me. Life is good”.

Listen in as Ritch and Ellen talk about; what makes a life coach great: the importance of resilience, and creativity to solve a problem: the importance of focusing on the good and positive things in life, and how crucial it is in today's society to recognize that each of us has different interests and beliefs.


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