Garrett Swann is a model, influencer and entrepreneur. 

He is a full time full time realist, best expressed via Memoji, a gym rat, Cookie Dough Ice Cream addict, a go-getter and an eternal optimist. He spends his days influencing the younger generations with his personal style, poise and panache. Circumnavigating throughout life’s daily challenges Garrett is destined and bound to discover truths and offer unlimited access throughout cyberspace’s infinite potential’s and products. The result overall: spiritual, mental and physical well being from his journey into yours.

His social media has evolved, and he now hosts his own IGTV series UNDERCOVERS, where he interviews celebrities & people he is fascinated with while “in bed.” He is also the Co-Founder/CMO of a start-up men's apparel brand called ALPHX in New York City, former star of several TV shows (Fashion House, Unusually Thicke) and questionable indie films (The Casserole Club). 

In this impromptu episode of Ritch in Life, Garrett and Ritch chat about body positivity, the modelling and making underwear and share a few celebrity jokes. You won’t want to miss this lighthearted and fun episode!  


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