Middle age is NOT  just a number, it’s a feeling.

Meet Greg Sheinman. Entrepreneur, former big business exec, podcaster, writer, fitness enthusiast, husband, dad and now certified performance coach. 

Greg puts out a kick ass podcast & weekly newsletter to help men maximize middle age. 

Welcome to #MidlifeMale, a No BS guide to help maximize middle age. Mesmerizing and inspirational, The Midlife Male, as well as Greg’s Instagram feed, @gregsheinman, are designed to help middle age men achieve a better quality of life. Created & hosted by Greg,  The Midlife Male is one of the top-rated ‘midlife’ podcasts and has featured CEOs, athletes, authors, chefs, coaches, entrepreneurs, celebrities and high performers.  He has found a way to inform, inspire and entertain others that might be experiencing some of the same shit he has gone through and how those experiences are helping him to maximize middle age.  Greg offers incite-full  advice and leads engaging conversations in what he calls ‘the 6 Fs’: Family, Fitness, Finance, Food, Fashion and Fun.

On this weeks episode of  Ritch In Life listen to Greg talk to Ritch about all things midlife including the importance of SEX.

You will be inspired.




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