A Philly native, a preacher’s grandchild, son of a cop, a black and gay young man, with virtuoso vocals and dance moves to die for. Julian has a true gift. You must listen to his story on this weeks episode of Ritch In Life.

Julian is an alum of the acclaimed Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and went on to attend Philadelphia University of the Arts. Growing up singing in his families choir at church, Julian found peace with himself while performing .

His experience of not “coming out” but as he says “letting in” as a young black male is inspiring.  His songwriting is touching and his voice is ethereal. 

“As I matured, and my understanding of love and relationships developed along with my voice, I realized I could truly express the depth of love in my heart through song. I treat relationships with the greatest respect. I love people and all creatures. I’m all about tolerance and respect. I’m all about inclusivity. I love having seats at tables, but I would love for everyone to have a seat at the table.”

Julian King’s loving nature translates directly to his soaring, soulful music and exceptional performance.

His new hit single, Can We Go Back, is his story of love and heartbreak.  And you MUST download the video! 

His knack for translating this story both through song and vision is a thing of beauty.

Julian’s conversation with Ritch is about his life growing up in a church community, “letting in” his family and friends and most importantly his music.  

His chilling voice is one you won’t forget!


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