British entrepreneur and sustainable fashion advocate Kate McGuire is the founder of Converted Closet; a brand new approach to making exquisite, sustainable fashion.

On this episode of Ritch in Life, Kate McGuire talks to Ritch Erani all things sustainable fashion. From redesigning clothes that reflect our own personal style, constructing long-lasting garments that put less strain on our natural world and to creating bespoke luxury fashion. 

Kate began her career in Investor Relations Corporate Finance at JPMorgan Cazenove, before rising to become a leading Investor Relations head-hunter, working alongside CFOs and CEOs of FTSE companies to build their teams.

When Kate left the corporate world in 2011 to follow her lifelong passion: converting clothes. In 2019, she completed her Sustainable Business Leadership course at Cambridge University.

Having built up an Instagram following , Kate has proved that we can make desirable ‘new’ fashion from old. Her mission is to commercialize conversion, helping to address the fashion industry’s environmental impact.

With Kate’s combination of business experience, her creative skillset, and her sustainability credentials, she is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the seismic shift in the industry and launch Converted Closet as a revolutionary commercial ecosystem.

Kate has recently relocated from London to New York City, where she lives with her family.

Follow Kate on @convertedcloset and use the hashtag #conversion. 


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