On this episode of Ritch in Life, Kim gets personal with Ritch as she shares her life story from being abused and bullied as child,  to learning the tools she needed to succeed in life. She talks about what being a mother means to her,  her activism work with children and her foundation to help animals, The Beauties and the Beasts(Les Belles et Les Betes). 
While running a successful real estate and development business, Kim models, paints and represents several brands on the side. Being a animal lover she created her own foundation, The Beauties and the Beasts, to raise awareness and funds for different animal welfare organizations. She is also an ambassador for many causes involving youth, from children hospitals up to young adults in need to fight against homelessness, prostitution and delinquency. As a licensed deep sea diver, she spends her time swimming with the sharks.
Find out on this episode how Kim became a real life mermaid to us by granting dreams come true.
To learn more check out snippets of the podcast @ritchinlife and more about Kim's foundation and company @kimbruneau @lesbellesetlesbetes

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