You may know renowned photographer,Nigel Barker, from the 17 seasons of America's Top Model where he served as photographer and judge. On this episode ofRitch in Life, Nigel opens up about his upbringing in the UK, boarding school, and the royals. Get the scoop on how he met his beautiful wife, their supportive relationship, and Nigel’s experiences with discrimination and cancel culture.

Nigel’s presence in the fashion and entertainment industry has resulted in an array of exciting projects including the creation of his own furniture line the NB1 & NB2 Collections. He is also a Founder and investor in the swanky NYC/LA gym, The DOGPOUND. As well as current CEO of the new Wellness/Fitness NetworkV1VE

Drawing upon his 20+ years of experience in the fashion and beauty industries, he has two books—The Beauty Equation, and his latest book, Models of Influence, which is a New York Times bestseller.

Nigel’s work does stop there. He has directed and produced films, documentaries and commercials for Hollywood clients to international charitable organizations. Using the power of photography and motion pictures he has been able to spread his humanitarian message to vast audiences through films, PSA’s and traveling exhibitions. He was awarded the “Film Heals” Award for Humanitarianism at the 6th Annual Manhattan Film Festival for Dreams Are Not Forgotten. 

Oh, and he has a podcast@shakenandstirredshow.

How does one person accomplish so much?Ritch Eraniis on a mission to find out.

To catch up on more things Nigel:

  • IG and Twitter: @nigelbarker
  • FB: @nigelbarkerofficial
  • V1VE: @thev1ve
  • Cristen Barker (wife): @chintwins

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