Nurse Lucy Bamberger is the founder of Rejuvio a nurse concierge service specializing in IV drip therapy and rapid testing. After many years working in hospitals and being inspired by the timeless advice her father gave her of always striving for more, Lucy felt an urge to create a business that would give her patients personalized care; treating them with respect and compassion while providing excellent service.

IV drip therapy has been around since 1960 but has recently gained popularity as people are more attuned to their health more than ever. Under Lucy's leadership, Rejuvio offers IV drip treatments to boost immunity, up energy levels, treat dehydration, refresh your complexion and cure hangovers among many more.  

Since launching her business Lucy has become a renowned name among high-profilers and celebrities in New York City and has been featured in publications such as InStyle magazine.  

Listen in as Ritch Erani and Lucy discuss the world of wellness, health care treatment in the US and the benefits of this popular trend, which Ritch believes to be the wave of the future.

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