Ever feel overwhelmed or a sense of doom when it comes to environmental issues? Ritch does! You know the feeling, you put your best Reduce-Reuse-Recycle foot forward, just to find out you are doing it all wrong. The sense of anxiety that rises up when we think of tackling environmental issues is such a common experience that there is a name for this state of being, and it’s eco-anxiety. 

Combat eco-anxiety and dive into the world of minimalism with Stephanie Seferian, author of Sustainable Minimalism, and host of the podcast, The Sustainable Minimalists. Join Stephanie and Ritch as they discuss eco-friendly entertaining, living with their own hypocrisy, and being married to a “re-router.” 

Stephanie helps to break down minimalist practices into bite size action steps. Decluttering never felt so doable! Learn about composting how-to’s and parenting tips for instilling eco-friendly aspirations in children. 

Minimalism invites people to rid their lives of excess and prioritize life experiences.  Indulge in this experience and tune in to Ritch Erani’s conversation with Stephanie Seferian! 

For more information about Stephanie's work, visit www.MamaMinimalist.com.

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