Terence McFarland is a CEO, an editor, a stylist, an Associate Executive Director, a producer, a director, a retail buyer, a teacher, a journalist, a board chair, and much more. 

He was the youngest person to ever become a Fashion Editor for Interview Magazine and has worked with brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren in New York City. At the peak of his career, Terence left it all to pursue his life purpose and moved to California where he got a BFA and MFA from CalArts. He supports non-profit art organizations based in Los Angeles, and uses his creational eye and use of visual language to inspire others. 

Having grown in a military family, Terence is quite adapt to change and starting over in different environments. He coaches people to help them follow their life purpose and reach their maximum potential, wherever they are in life. He is currently participating in the Flow Trainer Accelerator program and researching Ancestral Medicine rituals. 

Overall, Terence seeks to expand the idea of what is possible in life. 

Tune in to this episode of Ritch in Life to listen to Terence McFarland share with Ritch Erani his life’s journey, evolution and share some stories on what made him leave the Fashion Industry to pursue a career in visual arts and ultimately do .... As Ritch would say, a man who does it all. 

Follow him @terencemcfarland and learn more at www.terencemcfarland.com

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