For anybody listening who finds them-self to be a little negative, short fused and impatient…you definitely should listen to this podcast.. I know that these are things that I struggle with daily.
Tinamarie Clark, As a model turned author and creator of “The Shift Stirrer Method”, Tinamarie tells why a model, who you think has it all, would have to come up with a method to control her insecurities, negativity and anger.  The Shift Stirrer Method is a five step method to get your shit together and shift your perception….and for you guys out there that listen to me and know me, you know that I used to pride myself on being negative…I have to say… it an’t cute anymore…I’m tired of getting aggravated and spinning out of control, and losing my patience..  Which is why I love to talk to people who were as miserable as me…If they can change their perception then I can change mine.  I know that shifting and changing perception is a very important ideology.   I love speaking to all these experts to find out what I can take away and apply to my own life.  
Tinamarie Clark’s life is a real rags to riches story and she shares with me her simple childhood, her conversion to Judaism,  her billionaire husband, and her two sons and of course, how & why she created this method.  
Listen in as Ritch Erani and Tinamarie dive deep and expose a few truths along the way. 
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